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Every Event Should Be Memorable...And This is Why We Believe It!

The Name-Sakes

Hello. My name is Emily Elizabeth Cowey. I am owner, founder, and stylist (wearer of many hats) for THE VIRGINIA LYNN Co. This custom event design and unique rental service business was most inspired by its two namesakes and the two most inspirational women in my life. My mother (Teresa Lynn) and her mother (Virginia Elizabeth) instilled in me a love for two things as a child: the beauty of overlooked and antique items & how wonderful it is to host an event. Teresa lost her mother just before I was born to breast cancer. Virginia was an inspiration to all of the women in our family. Her grace, love of history, and careful consideration of all of her actions have been a constant reminder to all of us of what it means to be a "good woman". My mother took me along for all of the shopping, decorating and redecorating, and antiquing that she did starting at a very young age. We became best friends through these bonding times and she taught me everything her mother taught her about being a "good woman". 

Being inspired by the beauty and history that saturated my life as a child, I chose to study Fine Arts in college and received my BFA in painting in 2012. Since then, I have been a "home-ec" teacher in the Pittsburgh Area.


My Big Day

Every little girl dreams of her wedding, and I was no different. However, I didn't dream simply poppies and peonies, and a puffy white gown...I dreamed of smiling faces, happy comfortable guests, and stress free joy on mine and my mothers faces in all of our pictures. I always felt that if I planned well ahead of time, the wedding day would be what it was intended to be...a beautiful day to celebrate the start of a life with my love...not a scramble to make sure the flowers were in the right place, and the tables set, garlands hung, the candles lit... you get the idea. All of the work leading up to the event was so worth every minute. On my wedding day I was blessed with a number of talented people to help my dream come true, and when I awoke on August 17th, I thought only about the kisses, hugs, and tears that I would experience that day. The setting was beautiful and I can honestly say, it was the best day of my life. Even my husband looked at me at our sweetheart table and said, "Honey, everyone is talking and laughing together. Your seating chart worked!"

So...Why Rentals 

 After spending about 20 years in antique stores, flea markets, and peoples garages finding unique items that "I could use for (insert crazy decorating or event theme idea here)",  I finally felt that it was time to put my love of finding beautiful things to good use. I have met so many brides and hostesses who are fed up with trying to sift through 10 "pintrest Diy" nightmares and renting generic items from cookie cutter "event rental" companies that have no story or memorability. Everyone wants their event, be it a small dinner party or a baby shower for 200, to be MEMORABLE and ENJOYABLE for all who are involved. With my vintage and unique items for decor and creative planning techniques, every event can truly be the most memorable your guests have experienced, at least until your next soirre!